Transition: From one stage of life to another

Leave the world behind for a few days and transition into a foretaste of heaven! Ashburnham is a stunningly beautiful place and our week together creates respite for fun, friendship and food as well as a breather for learning, prayer and worship.

What would you like to do: walk around the lake, catch up with old friends, make new friends, play volleyball, sit in on inspirational teaching, allow God to challenge and change you, sing your heart out, pray? The choice is yours.

Our theme is TRANSITION. It’s taken from the two points in a Triathlon where the athletes change sports (from swimming to cycling and then from cycling to running). For professional triathletes the transition zone is a place of calm and poetic beauty. For the rest it sometimes looks like a lesson in chaos theory! Which is often what it feels like when we go through transitions in life.

All of us have gone, or are going, or will go through transitions. So whatever your race is like you will find wise counsel, encouragement and healing at Ashburnham 2017. Join us for an amazing week.