Contemplative Prayer Workshops

We are delighted to have Stephen and Helena Ibbotson back with us at Ashburnham this year.  They will be leading workshops on contemplative prayer, which I thoroughly recommend to you.  They are experienced retreat leaders and have so much insight and wisdom to share with us.  Here is a brief overview of what they will be doing.

"We know prayer is an important part of being a Christian but many feel guilty they either don't pray, or don't know how to go about it. Or they have become tired and, if honest, bored with how they pray. Christians in the past have much wisdom to transform our struggles to squeeze prayer into our hectic lives. They made contemplative prayer the basis of action and so can we. Our workshops will be a practical exploration of those ancient ways being rediscovered and refreshed in our generation. We will be looking at what contemplative prayer and contemplative living mean, with plenty of practical and easily accessed exercises. We will look at how we can integrate both our doing and our being, our 'Martha' and our 'Mary'."