Ten helpful tips before you set off ....

1. If you are travelling via Dartford crossing don’t forget to prepay online, or you have until midnight to pay the day after you cross. https://www.gov.uk/pay-dartford-crossing-charge. If you’re disabled you don’t need to pay if you’re driving a vehicle that’s exempt from vehicle tax because you’re disabled. Your vehicle will be checked automatically when you cross - you don’t need to do anything.

2. Bedding is provided in all house accommodation.

3. Towels are only provided in en suite.

4. We can't guarantee that Ashburnham will have all the bedrooms ready at 5.00pm.

5. If you have children under age 18 - the Family Swimming Disclaimer Form is attached – THIS IS NEW since our last visit, so please familiarise yourselves with it, sign and hand in at our welcome table when you arrive; some hard copies will be available. There will be set times for using the lake, and under 18s will only be permitted to do so once we have the signed form.

6. Important meeting at 10.00am on Sunday - if you plan to use the lake. Steve Nixon is overseeing the lake activities and will be running the briefing session in the Library.

7. Parents – please remember to complete consent forms! You can hand them to Carrie or Clare at the welcome desk if you haven’t emailed them already.

8. Please can 7-11 year olds bring a torch, if possible, for Late Night Rocks.

9. New to Ashburnham? Or haven’t been for a while? We'd love to meet you so please bring your hot drink and join the host team in the Willow Lounge after the Saturday night meeting. A good time to ask questions and get to know each other.

10. There will be organised children’s/youth evening activities are for those aged 7 and over. We are also planning to make a space available for parents to watch a film with younger children during the evening meeting should they wish to. This won’t be a supervised/organised session, but a space provided for parents and their younger children to use.